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Earth Science Project: Biomass

Introduction | Intro 2 | Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't? | What Is Biomass Energy? | Kinds Of Biomass | Wood And Wood Waste | Why Biomass? | How Does Biomass Work? | Using Biomass Energy | Biomass Economics | Advatages And Disadvantages | Website Appendix | Conclusion

Biomass Economics

How much Does it Cost?

In 1992, the use of wood energy and other biomass energy resources to produce electricity resulted in a net impact of more than $1.8 billion in personal and corporate income in the United States. Currently, more than 66,000 jobs are being supported by biomass energy. By the year 2010, the economic benefits are expected to triple as advanced biomass power technologies and energy crops are commercialized. America's rural communities are especially poised to promote biomass and create new jobs through biomass production, harvesting, transportation, and conversion.
lWorldwide, the use of biomass could provide social and economic benefits to many countries and reduce their dependence on imported oil, while lowering their emissions of CO2 from fossil carbon.