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Earth Science Project: Biomass

Introduction | Intro 2 | Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't? | What Is Biomass Energy? | Kinds Of Biomass | Wood And Wood Waste | Why Biomass? | How Does Biomass Work? | Using Biomass Energy | Biomass Economics | Advatages And Disadvantages | Website Appendix | Conclusion
Using Biomass Energy

How do we use biomass?

*Usually we burn wood and use its energy for heating. Burning, though, is not the only way to convert biomass energy into a usable energy source. There are four ways: Burning, Bacterial Decay, Fermentation
*We can burn biomass in special plants to produce steam for making electricity, or we can burn it to provide heat for industries and homes.
Bacterial Decay
*Bacteria feed on dead plants and animals, producing a gas called methane. This is a natural process that happens whenever waste decays. Methane is the same thing as natural gas, the gas sold by natural gas utilities.
*Adding a yeast to biomass produces an alcohol called ethanol. This is how wine, beer, and liquor are made. Wine is just fermented grape juice.
*Biomass can be converted into gas or liquid fuels by using chemicals or heat. In India, cow manure is converted to methane gas to produce electricity. Methane gas can also be converted to methanol, a liquid form of methane.