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Earth Science Project: Biomass

Introduction | Intro 2 | Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't? | What Is Biomass Energy? | Kinds Of Biomass | Wood And Wood Waste | Why Biomass? | How Does Biomass Work? | Using Biomass Energy | Biomass Economics | Advatages And Disadvantages | Website Appendix | Conclusion

Conclusion In My Extended Aactivity About Biomass

What are the most important things i learned?
Was this fun?


By doing this activity earned many new things and I answered most of my questions, except one, will there ever be a car completely running on biomass. I learned things that I did not expect to learn by doing research on biomass. So we, Americans, need to stop using non-renewable fuels and start using biomass. I have explained to you in my display board in how biomass is useful, advantages in using it, and many more educational facts that can help us raise the use of biomass.

By doing my exended activity I learned that biomass has as many facts as gasoline and it is as important. First I thought biomass was just a resource that poorer countries used because they did not have enough money to use gasoline. Now I realixed that everyone should use biomass, but the richer countries do not want to give up using gasoline.