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Earth Science Project: Biomass

Introduction | Intro 2 | Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't? | What Is Biomass Energy? | Kinds Of Biomass | Wood And Wood Waste | Why Biomass? | How Does Biomass Work? | Using Biomass Energy | Biomass Economics | Advatages And Disadvantages | Website Appendix | Conclusion
Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't?

Time To Go Around The World:
Let's See If Everyone Uses Biomass


Biomass fuels used in India account for about one third of the total fuel used in India. In India it is the most important fuel used in over 90% of the rural households and about 15% of the urban households. Industry is the biggest user of biomass in the United States. Seventy-seven percent of biomass is used by industry. Homes are the next biggest users of biomass energy here in America. About one-fifth of American homes burn wood for heating. Three percent of homes use wood as their main heating fuel.  Electric utilities also use biomass energy to produce electricity. One percent of biomass is used to make electricity. Still, biomass produces only a tiny amount of the electricity we use in this country.