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Earth Science Project: Biomass

Introduction | Intro 2 | Who Uses Biomass And Who Doesn't? | What Is Biomass Energy? | Kinds Of Biomass | Wood And Wood Waste | Why Biomass? | How Does Biomass Work? | Using Biomass Energy | Biomass Economics | Advatages And Disadvantages | Website Appendix | Conclusion
Advatages And Disadvantages

Some good things and bad things about BIOMASS

nEnvironmentnally, biomass nhas some advantages over fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.
nBiomass cnontains little sulfur and nitrogen, so it does not produce the pollutants that cause acid rain.
nGrowing plants for use as biomass fuels may also help keep global warming in check.
n That's because plants remove carbon dioxide--one of the greenhouse gases-from the atmosphere when they grow. 
It makes sense to use waste materials where we can.
The fuel tends to be cheap.
nLess demand on the Earth's resources.
Collecting the waste in sufficient quantities can be difficult.
nWe burn the fuel, so it makes greenhouse gases.  Some waste materials are not available all year round